Winter Real Estate Fun

People, clients and customers, often ask me about the downfalls of listing a home and making a move in the winter. If you do your research, you’ll probably find that there are a wide variety of opinions on this topic, not to mention some horror stories mixed in. Well, therein lies the problem… have one bad experience and the effects are far reaching. Don’t let those opinions weigh too heavy on your mind just yet.
Aside from the obvious cons like moving boxes in a blizzard and having people parade through your clean home with salt covered shoes, there are so many good points to be made for Winter real estate adventures. If you think of the market as a whole, there will always be people who are looking to make a move and people who need to sell. Work obligations, relocations, contingencies, terminated leases, marriage, divorce, financial responsibilities are all contributing factors causing people to sell and buy, or both. These reasons, to name a few, are not influenced by the weather or seasons at all in most cases. Bottom line is, there will always be clients who HAVE to move!
Winter and the Holiday season is a bustling time! People are out shopping, spending time together and being festive. Use this to your advantage! Yes, not everyone celebrates or loves Christmas but your beautiful home set on a snowy scene with a fire roaring and candles burning, or a pot of red sauce simmering, is a perfect setting for buyer’s to feel cozy and at home when out looking. The New Year is also a great reason for people to turn home buying into a resolution. This is the turning point, a new start and can be an exciting time for some.  Turn the heat up, play some music and welcome people in with open arms (and maybe have them remove their shoes while they’re at it.)
Due to the fact that there is a huge opinion on Winter being a terrible time to sell, there is notoriously less inventory than other times of the year. Do you want to be lost in the inundation of the Spring market or do you want to stand out a bit and brave the cold? That’s your call but it can give you the edge to get it sold faster, simply by principles of supply and demand. The demand is really still there but the supply may be slightly to significantly less! Of course, using a Realtor to price your home realistically and competitively according to your local market is the utmost important no matter the season. Trust your agent to price the home properly for what it has to offer and to showcase the highlights of it!
Ready to buy? Call us, we will stop for Starbucks or Dunkin on the way and rest assured, we have 4 wheel drive.
Ready to sell? We always provide a free market analysis on your home’s value and offer candid advice on what we can do together to present the home in the best light possible. Despite the days surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas, the activity levels through our Cold Northeast winters will surprise you!
See you out there!